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In this week’s bag:

  • arugula
  • radishes
  • yellow and red tomatoes
  • shitake mushrooms
  • leeks
  • zestar apples
  • clapp pears

This week has been a crazy one! Not only am I working more hours, but it’s Troy Night Out tonight AND the beau is leaving for a mini vacation to Maine tomorrow. We’ve been scrambling to get the apartment cleaned, laundry washed and fresh meals prepared. I did double workouts twice this week and am thankful that today is a scheduled rest day because I needed the two extra hours of sleep… tomorrow’s long run should be interesting.

Last night amongst the craziness, I ran home to whip up a quick dish for dinner; hence why there are two photographs. I made a stir-fry using the tomatoes, leeks, shitake mushrooms, some leftover kale from a previous week and added some spices, balsamic vinegar and farro. Who said clean food can’t be fast, easy and cheap?!

Because I’ll be alone the next five days, I’ve already made some plans and lists of things that I need to get done. I don’t know what it is about being super busy, but it motivates me to be super organized and complete things that have been on the back burner. Makes me even more busier but… I feel accomplished. Until I burn out. But at least my closet will be organized and my desk will be clear. 

Sunday despite the prediction for rain, Paula and I will be heading back up to the mountains to reach three more summits! We’ve already experienced so much rain this summer that at this point, I could care less; especially because we aren’t staying overnight. Monday will be a laundry day- hand washing items, sorting, donating, and choosing the items that will carry me into autumn. Oh! And speaking of clothes, I’ve ordered a pair of jeans online and am anticipating the perfect fit. I’ll most definitely share if there’s success!

Being home means being in the kitchen to prepare more meals! Because I used up most of the veggies last night, I may check out Engelke Farm to see if they’re open- if so, I’m going to get me some cherry tomatoes and eggplants! I’d love to make an eggplant parmesan and a dish of roasted tomatoes and vegan cheddar biscuits! I found a dinosaur cookie cutter one day walking home from brunch and I’ve been dying to use it. Lastly, I’m not a pear person. But I’m a crisp kind of gal. I’ll search the internet for some recipes and combine what I think sounds delicious and try my hardest at baking.

newveggieart!Lastly, I’d like to share with you this new print that I have to hang in our tiny kitchen! The beau has actually been working on this print for the last couple of weeks and I’m so happy with the way that it turned out. It features some of our favorite seasonal fruits and veggies that we’ve received over the past year as a Field Goods member. Super cute, right?

Have an action-packed holiday weekend! Hope it’s filled with good food, good times and good vibes!



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Well, when I stepped outside this morning, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t humid. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at 5am as planned.

I will admit that I went to bed later than I had originally planned but was confident that I’d still be wide awake at four to fuel for my long run. I fell asleep pretty quickly and slept soundly until… until I heard the cat crash into the wall.

I jumped awake and quietly asked the beau if he had heard that too. He did and thought that kitty was chasing a mouse because he had been zooming around for quite a while now. He also said that he heard squeaking. We laid there in silence for about 15 seconds before we heard some scratching and something peeling out across the hardwood floor. The beau then asked if I thought there was a squirrel in our bedroom. I quickly sat up and flicked on the lights, and there was kitty, stalking something behind the bedroom door.

I leaned forward to pull the door closer to me and as I did, up flew a BAT! He zoomed into the living room and began circling in the dark. I screamed. I’m pretty sure the beau made a noise and we both scrambled to follow it. The beau was elected to head to the kitchen to turn on the lights because as mentioned in a previous post, we don’t yet have lights in the actual living room. By the time he made it safely and the lights were on, it was 3:30 and the bat was nowhere to be found. Our quick fix solution: lock the cat in the living room for the rest of the night so that he could stalk the bat and take care of the situation. Instead, he sat by our door and whined all night. Needless to say, the beau and I never fell back to sleep and I opted out of running.

Do I regret the decision not to run after only getting four hours of sleep? Yes.

Do I want to not drink at tonight’s wedding so that I can run tomorrow? No.

Did we ever find that pesky bat? No.

The beau later told me that he heard the bat hit the wall above our heads but thought it was a giant moth. I can just picture him tucked under the covers, thinking of what it could be without me knowing. Imagine if it fell onto our pillows?!

We are both walking around so cautious and afraid of what might fly out at us; it took the beau a few extra minutes to hop in the shower this morning. I later learned that he conducted quite the search before turning on the water. Who knows where he could be.

I’ll keep you posted on the status of this unwanted guest.

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photo (2)



Reading: I’m about halfway finished with Following Atticus: Forty-Eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship by Tom Ryan and I love it. I actually started reading it back on July 4th on the train down to NYC, but because I had three other books out at the time, this one took the backseat. I’ve only hiked one mountain in New Hampshire but can relate to many of the stories because of my personal journey to become a 46er. A close friend of mine just moved closer to NH and I have high hopes of visiting her and heading out for some long hikes. Most likely not this summer but hopefully this autumn.

Watching: Now that we have the Internet, we are starting to catch up on all of our shows. Don’t cringe when I tell you this but… we are officially caught up on The Bachelorette AND got to watch the finale live at Phil’s house. Thank you Phil! Surround sound and homemade kettle corn, I’ve got the best friends in town. I’m not going to discuss the outcome because I know that a few of you out there haven’t seen it and I don’t want to spoil it. Let’s just say, it was NOT I was expecting/had hoped for. Let’s see… Breaking Bad and Mad Men both have a new season up on Netflix, I’m dying to see the last season of Sons of Anarchy and I have to check if there’s any random Modern Family episodes out there that I haven’t seen.

Loving: The last week of cooler weather was absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately for me, I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder and missed out on all those morning runs. Today was my first day back out there in a week and despite the soreness and slight pain, it felt great to be in motion once again. I was starting to feel anxiety because I couldn’t run; it really is my time to work things out in my head. I’m looking forward to attempting a super long run this Saturday and feel super accomplished once I get home to shower before working the market. I’m also loving the following: whoopie pies, a freshly swept and mopped apartment, buffalo chickpea dip for dinner, MGMT radio on Pandora and kitty kitty cocoa puff when he’s trying to apologize for shitting on the curtains. Yes, that happened this week. Twice.

Wondering: If I can paint our kitchen? Our landlord has already approved us painting the bedroom and living room walls white, but I’d love to have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Oh! And have you checked out Vegan Cuts lately? You may see some familiar faces and deals featured on their website.

Looking forward to: Next weekend when I head to Massachusetts to visit Lindsey! I haven’t been out to visit her since my 25th birthday and she recently moved- I can’t wait to check out her new digs! She’s going to run my long run with me (ten miles) which I’m psyched about because each week I set out to do them alone. It gets lonely out there sometimes and the change of scenery will hopefully make the miles fly by. I can’t wait to have her all to myself and catch up like the good ol’ days.

Thinking about: A family that I know that was impacted greatly by a fire earlier this week. As you may have heard, Augie’s Family Style Italian Restaurant burnt to the ground on Monday. As you may not have known, the owners- the Vitiello family- were the people that I worked for for six years, taking care of their four kiddos. I have many great memories in their restaurant and personally know many of the awesome staff members. Augie has set up a fundraiser for his staff, so that he can continue to pay/support them during the rebuilding process. If you have any extra cash and would like to donate, visit the webpage here. He’s offering different valued coupons should you choose to donate at those levels ($25, $100, $250). It says a lot when the community has already donated more than $10k in just four days; thank you ahead of time if you choose to support, even if it is just ten bucks.

Eating: The beau and I were on an Indian kick but that all changed when I got a hankering for buffalo chicken dip. His solution: buffalo chickpea dip! So, so good! Besides a couple random dinners, we had stir-fry, summer salads, plenty of green shakes and even some apples dipped in cookie butter. I know I’m saying this a little prematurely, but I seriously cannot wait until autumn! It’s my favorite season and I can’t wait to go apple picking because these leftovers from last year are tart! I can wait and will enjoy every summer vegetable as much as I possible can.

Planning: my workouts for the next month to ensure myself that I’ll be prepared for next month’s race. It’s been over a year since I’ve last raced and I don’t want to get anxious and feel unprepared. I’m still setting a pretty high goal for myself and with having to skip two long runs so far this month, the goal right now seems out of reach. I’ve got some hard work ahead of me but I’m willing to give it a shot!

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The beau and I have finally purchased a couch and I think its safe to say we are both pretty psyched.

I’ve lived on my own for years now and never committed to a couch because frankly, I’m never home. Because I don’t have a television or even the internet, I’ve never had a need to sit and watch something. But now that I’m living with the beau and feeling settled, I’m wanting to be in the apartment and invite others over. A few years ago I held a little holiday party for my friends who traveled with me throughout China and it was a joke; we were all on the floor. I’ve never even had my parents over for a meal because we’ve never had a place to sit and enjoy.

We browsed, saved all of my tips and our daily change, and bought local on Monday. The couch was even made in the U.S.A. Can’t get any better than that. Actually it can: the cat hair blends right in. We’re convinced he thinks we bought this couch for him.

Cheers to the perks of being an adult!

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pasta field goods

In this week’s bag:

  • portobello mushrooms! 
  • dirty parsnips
  • dirty carrots
  • golden delicious apples
  • hydroponic lettuce
  • fresh spinach fettuccine*

*Unfortunately this pasta is not vegan and I’m going to pass it along to someone who is non-vegan… my mom!

To say that I have been busy this past week would be an understatement; I’ve been swamped. Between work, my second job, personal issues with a previous landlord, a barfing cat and dirty dishes- I feel like I’ve done nothing but run in circles. And because of this, we’ve both been absent in the kitchen. My body is craving a good, home-cooked, green meal to perk up my spirits and these mushrooms are calling my name! I’ll most likely brush on a little coconut oil, grill ’em up on the George Foreman, and enjoy over a salad.

picking lettuce

Speaking of salad, our greens are big enough to eat! I harvested enough yesterday for lunch- fresh is always the best! Both the kale and broccoli are growing in size, and the nastoriums have sprouted and are about two inches tall. I can’t wait to add those to summer salads and baked goods.

The carrots will be cooked as my all time favorite carrot soup topped of course with a tahini sauce and crunchy chickpeas. The best thing about these dirty carrots? They last a long time in the fridge, meaning I can wait until things calm down before having to worry about using them up.

As things calm down I’ll also have more time to spend on here, sharing some stories and life happenings. I realize all I talk about these days is regarding food and hiking, but I can’t help it; they are the two things that keep me sane. Heres to happy weekend spent with our moms and mom-like people in our lives; be sure to give plenty kisses all around!

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photo (16)

In this week’s bag:

  • arugula
  • chives
  • crimini mushrooms
  • gourmet mix baby lettuce
  • red, white and blue potatoes
  • shallot
  • golden delicious apples

Even though the chives don’t have roots attached, I’m going to still try growing some by using this method. It would be wonderful to be able to plant them on our porch if they do grow; if not, hopefully they’ll stay fresh longer.

photo (20)

The beau was pretty happy to see the heaping bag of arugula- that’s his favorite salad green! He said that it’s pretty good in pasta as well, so I’ll have to pick up a box this weekend. Nothing better than a simple bowl of pasta with greens, good olive oil, fresh black pepper and basil. And speaking of basil, I’ve moved the plant out on that back porch aka our little garden. Along with the salad greens and violas, I’ve planted broccoli and kale seedlings that seem to be doing well. The cat grass is taller than ever for kitty and may need a little trimming. The bird feeder is hung and the bumble bees are buzzing around our new hanging plants. I was only planning on buying one but the Sunny Susy just looked so darling with it’s orange climbing flowers, I couldn’t resist and can’t wait to see in what direction it grows.

photo (17)

photo (19)

photo (18)

photo (21)

I got the beautiful hanging baskets from Engelke Farm. If you remember, this is also the same farm where we picked out our pumpkins. Well, the greenhouses are filled with life and smell of Spring. Amanda and her brother were a big help helping me choose the right basket that would grow in the shade. It was an added bonus that the flowers were blue, pink and golden in color- did you know that honeybees recognize yellow and blue hues? They do and within five minutes, bumbles had found the new flowers. I like doing what I can for the bees. Back to the farm- I got a special tour of the pig pen and saw Rosanne again (the pig), along with the baby goats. Abby Cadabby was born last week! (I didn’t get a photograph of this little white goat- she was far too quick!) I loved watching them get a JOLT of energy, hop in the air, and peel out across the yard. Baby animals are the best ever.

Strawberries will be the first crop to be ready this season, most likely the first week of June. It was odd to see the farm “empty;” I’m use to seeing it all green and plentiful with food. I’ll be happy to return in June with my glass berry baskets to load up, snack on, and freeze them for the upcoming winter. I love fresh, local strawberries, but I think I like picking them better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I know, but I love spending time in the fields picking my produce. That small act reassures my conscious that I am eating the healthiest foods that are available to me. From farm to plate. If you get a chance this season, stop by and say hello to my farming friends. The baskets are a wonderful gift for all the mothers out there, or the back porches and window boxes in your lives/homes.

The Troy Farmer’s Market will be outside tomorrow on River Street- I LOVE when it’s on the street. Stop in and see me, I’ll be at the store organizing cards, folding tees and socializing with my community. Happy sunny weather my friends!

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” -Mahatma Gandhi

paula on trail

me on trail

Today to celebrate, Paula and I hiked in the Catskill Mountains. This was my first time visiting and we managed to hike 3 of the 35 highest peaks in that area: Black Dome, Thomas Cole and Blackhead. We attempted to complete a giant loop and tackle a smaller peak on the way back to the car, but we ran into some unexpected and steep sections of ice. Instead of risking it, we turned around but still managed to travel over seven miles. The weather was perfect: warm enough to wear just a t-shirt in some sections and not a cloud in the sky. The birds were singing and the moss and ferns were green.

kitty gardening

planted veggies

third floor garden

When I got home, the sun was still warm and I had some time to garden before the beau came home to cook dinner. I decided to plant some seedlings in our new iron basket. We have to pick up another to fit our remaining kale and broccoli- and also get started with herbs. The basil in the kitchen is huge and I can’t wait to get it off of the freezer, where I sometimes neglect it. This basket contains a salad blend, some violas and nasturtiums- all edible to brighten up any spring and summer salad. Of course, kitty was underfoot.

I hope you got to go outside to enjoy the fresh air, got dirt under your fingernails, picked up trash, carpooled, took a shorter shower and ate a vegan meal; as we should all try to do each and every day. Have a great week, homies!

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