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“hi friends! vito here!

it’s that time of year again! you know, the time when the air is crisp and the zombies seem to roam the streets of downtown troy at night. it seems as though the kitty kitty cocoa puff and i have an annual tradition of hanging out during this weekend (whether he likes my company or not). i tried extra hard this visit to show him my appreciation; i brought him his drug of choice disguised as a banana: catnip. let me tell you, he is not a happy user. he was giddy for about ten minutes then decided to sit up by the back porch and stare at me. no joke. i thought a zombie got to him; i’ve never seen him sit up so straight.

photo 2

while he was coming down, i helped out in the kitchen. i had missed dinner but knew by the smell of things, that veggies were near. i helped put their most recent delivery away.


photo 3

in the bag:

  • orange, yellow and white carrots
  • broccoli
  • mesclun lettuce
  • mutsu apples
  • braising mix
  • hidabeni turnips

once i heard them talking about their cooking plans, i knew it was going to be a cozy weekend. carrot soup with crunchy chickpeas are my favorite! broccoli with garlic sauce is my favorite! the unstuffed squirrel that i throw around and off the couch is also my favorite!

photo 1

anticipation of good food kept me up thursday night and i couldn’t sit still… i had to build up an appetite! i did this by running as many laps as possible around the bachelor pad. i finally crashed around three a.m. when coaxed under the covers… but not by kitty. he scrambled into the other room, geeze.

other than snuggling in and getting plenty of belly rubs, i’ve been exploring the streets. early morning walks before the sun comes up are my favorite but good grief! those crows! they stir in the sky; i’m thankful that i’ve got speed on my side. don’t believe me? i’ve been sprinting every other block to build up endurance… or to tucker myself out so that i sleep more soundly.

on today’s list: more belly rubs, a possible trip to our favorite farm (sweater on of course), carving a couple of pumpkins while drinking hot cider and vodka water not from the toilet and listening to the halloween party radio on pandora. i forgot to bring my costume so i’ll be staying in to continue the festivities with kitty, but am looking forward to the possibility of french fries in the morning.”

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