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I did absolutely nothing yesterday other than eat and cook and then eat some more, and I could really used to doing that each Sunday. I loved having the entire afternoon to prepare meals for the week, something I did a lot in the past when living alone. I woke up this morning knowing exactly what to pack for lunch and had a sense of “bring on the day!” attitude, which is rare lately. Working two jobs is tough, it always is, but coming home after seven each night and preparing a fresh meal is even more tough. We love to cook together but when in a rush to eat and both feeling a little h-angry, things get messy.

So, with my new-found time, I’m going to plan our dinners for our week on Sundays and prepare as much as possible to make dinner time a little more pleasant, and a little less scrambled.

Monday: Date night with the beau at The Palace Theater. We love getting take-out from our favorite Albany restaurant, Kinnaree. The Tom Yum soup is so spicy and delicious, and the vegan Pad Thai hits the spot. His go to choices are the Drunken Noodles and fried Spring Rolls.

Tuesday: Homemade FG carrot soup with a tahini sauce and crunchy chickpeas. I’ll only have to bake the chickpeas while the soup is reheating on the stove.

Wednesday: Homemade Chinese take-out! We have FG broccoli on hand and it takes the beau only but five minutes to make the most delicious garlic sauce. Basmati rice only takes about twenty minutes to cook up- add in some tofu to the mix and we’ve got a meal!

Thursday: Halloween! I picked up some chipotle pumpkin pappardelle from Flour City Pasta at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. The recipe that came in the bag includes tossing it in butter, lemon juice and parmesan cheese; I have all the vegan alternatives on hand. While that’s boiling, I’ll toss some brussels sprouts, also from the Farmer’s Market, in some EVOO and lemon juice into the oven to serve on the side. Hopefully we’ll have our pumpkins carved by then, and we’ll be able to toss in a handful of baked pumpkin seeds for some crunch.

Friday: Sauteed FG braising mix with farro. Can’t prep this meal really, but it’s quick and I won’t be at a loss for what to make.

Are you one to plan your meals? Do you shop all at once or receive a CSA delivery like we do? 


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I don’t know about you, but life sure is busy. Sometimes I forget to eat a meal. Sometimes I’m just far too tired to brush my teeth before bed. And sometimes I forget to tell the beau how much he means to me; always by my side throughout my crazy journey.

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Thursday night I made the threat that we wouldn’t go to bed until the apartment was spotless- and I meant it. Until I saw the trailer for Blackfish and decided that we’d have date night instead. Within an hour, dinner was ordered, forks were found and we were having an in-car picnic in the parking lot of Spectrum. I couldn’t help but to think how much I love the beau’s willingness to join in on my spontaneity; sometimes the best times are unplanned.

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But sometimes when things are so hectic, we need to remember to plan time for us. I’ve taken a step to compromise with him (lover of movies, me not so much) and plan fifteen movie dates: the Palace Theater’s classic movie series! 

  • October 21The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • October 28: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds
  • November 113 Stooges Film Festival
  • November 18An American In Paris
  • December 16National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • December 20It’s a Wonderful Life
  • December 26The Muppet Movie
  • January 20Back to the Future
  • February 10Roman Holiday
  • February 24Labyrinth
  • March 10West Side Story
  • March 24Monty Python’s Life of Brian
  • April 7The Odd Couple
  • April 21The Blues Brothers
  • May 19Pulp Fiction

For the entire series, tickets were $37.50 through the box office and they send you a ticket for each film; I’m a lover of ticket stubs! If you’re looking to just catch a couple nights, tickets are just $5 and start at 7pm unless stated otherwise. I’ve only see one out of the fifteen, so I have a lot to look forward to! I’m excited to dress up each Monday and know that I have time carved out to just hang out with him.

We’ve also scored some free tickets to a couple upcoming shows local at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and although they aren’t 100% familiar to me, I’m going to make the best of it. How do you make time for your loved one? What’s your ideal date night? 

And p.s… the apartment is still a mess.

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