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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who left a comment here or sent a private message to me over the weekend regarding kitty kitty cocoa puff. I really appreciate it and can’t believe the support I have, even if you’ve never met kitty or myself. We finally have an answer to the bizarre behavior we’ve been experiencing this past month: diabetes.

His symptoms: Kitty started drinking a lot of water, right around the time we got our Christmas tree. I didn’t think anything about it or the fact that he was urinating a ton, until the urine no longer smelled like ammonia. It was sweeter in smell, and mixed with the walnut litter I buy, it kind of smelled like spoiled cheese. Odd, I know. He was eating his food quickly and begging for food constantly, but I didn’t think anything of it because I was home for two weeks on holiday and didn’t know if my schedule changed his. And despite being so hungry, he lost weight. When I adopted him, he weighed 21 pounds. He’s now at 14 pounds. Much healthier weight but not by healthy means. He stopped playing around the apartment and stopped grooming himself over the last two weeks.

Diagnosis: It took a few minutes for the veterinarian to draw blood and test his blood glucose. Normal range for cats 75-120. Roscoe’s glucose levels after a 12 hour fast was 417. His poor pancreas!

Our treatment plan: I have done a lot of research about diabetes in cats over the last week/this past weekend and want to start off by saying that I am not a professional and don’t claim to be one. I’m using what I’ve found in research, paired with his veterinarian’s recommendations to treat kitty. We all do our very best to sustain life in those we love and this is my very best.

Kitty needs an insulin injection twice a day following his meals. This is very expensive and I am determined to find an alternative to the name brand that was prescribed on Saturday. His veterinarian and I have a follow-up on Monday and this is something that is going to be discussed. Like people, his glucose levels have to be checked frequently, especially in the beginning when we are trying to drop them to a normal range, so I may purchase my own tester so that I don’t have to travel once a week with kitty. This will be determined once I see how he’s responding to his change in diet.

The veterinarian also prescribed him a diet of Purina D/M canned food, of which I’ve refused for a number of reasons. First, do a little research on the Purina brand and where they get some of their meats and fillers. You’ll be disgusted to find out that they put euthanized pets in the mix. Yeah, I’m not kidding. Second of all, I’m not going to purchase food that can only be purchased from an animal hospital. If it’s “so good” for the health of an animal, it should be available to all. And it’s ridiculously priced. Lastly, per the veterinarian and the website he gave me as a highly reputable source (catinfo.org), this brand still has too high content of carbohydrates. Check out Purina’s website, it’s 18%. For a diabetic cat, there should be less than 10%; 7% ideally.

After a few hours of research and asking a close friend, we’ve chosen a brand that is found at your local Benson’s and is 95% animal protein. Don’t get me wrong, this canned food option is also more expensive than what we’ve been paying previously, but I am optimistic that it will contribute to a better health. Hopefully the all protein diet will drop his blood glucose levels to a normal range and we’ll be able to wean him off of the insulin in no time.

If you have or had a cat that was diabetic and have any tips for me, please, pass them along! This is all so new to me that I tried to make the best decision over such a short period of time to not only try and help him fast enough, but as efficiently as possible.

Oh, and kitty doesn’t mind the needles at all. He really hasn’t reacted and is in heaven that he has been eating like a king these past couple of meals. I don’t think he realizes it’s permanent.


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