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Hey! Merry Christmas! And can you believe that tomorrow is the 31st of December?!

Last week was a whirlwind of events despite not working a single day. I spent the holiday with my family and then celebrated the day after with the beau’s family. I drove back home on Friday to spend some quality time with my mom (aka manicures and pedicures and shopping in a health food store) before celebrating a special birthday with the beau’s entire family for dinner. I did squeeze in a hike up Sawteeth Mountain, my 6th winter peak, and day four of my 21 day streak is now complete. Dinner and drinks was had with my partner in crime and I am officially done with my second basic lesson in French! I now get to start phrases!

And because last week blew by far too quickly, today was spent in bed. I mean, I got up probably three times to visit the bathroom and bake a grapefruit for lunch. I didn’t lounge all day because I’m sick; because I felt like it. But the day wasn’t a complete waste. I made plans with friends for the rest of the week. I made a few phone calls. I watched an entire season of Say Yes to the Dress. I finished switching over my new 2014 planner and wrote down my goals for the new calendar year.

I use the term goal because there isn’t a problem in my life that needs solution (the definition of resolution is the action of solving a problem). My goals are an ambition or desire within myself to achieve results that I’ve never seen or accomplished before. Emily & Tim over at Today’s Letters (button to the right) continue to be inspirational to me and have influenced the way that I’ve set up my personal goals. Four basic categories: spiritual, physical, relational, and professional.

Spiritually I am grounded by being outdoors. I’ve mentioned this before but hiking has become my outlet for connecting with not only nature and the world in which I live, but myself. I’d like to continue hiking and learn to trust my experiences enough to start hiking alone more; once the dangers of the winter months come to an end.

Physically I have set numerous goals, all feeding into each other.

  1. I hardly ever race, usually only once or twice a year. In 2014, I’d like to race once a month. I’ve already scouted, planned, and/or registered for nine races. Repeats include the CDPHP Workforce Challenge, the Saratoga Palio and the Troy Turkey Trot. I’m anxious about attempting the Runnin’ of the Green (Island), the Boilermaker, and the Hairy Gorilla.
  2. I would like to complete the Winter Miles Challenge. I added the button, also to the right, and have fixed the link so that you can all learn more. This goal will keep me moving throughout the toughest running months of the year (at least for me), is free to join with the potential of winning great prizes and will also prepare me for many of my upcoming races.
  3. Ultimately I’d love to run 1,000 miles in the calendar year. I’ve never reached this number and it shouldn’t be too difficult with the number of races I’m prepared to run.

As I solidify each race, I’ll post it up so that you can easily see what’s next on my agenda/what I’m training for. I’m super excited to be meeting with a local gal on New Year’s Day who shares many of my running goals. I’d love to form some sort of a running club and this is my first step.

My relational goal is personal as is my professional goal. I can tell you that change is on the horizon and when the time comes, you will know. Which leads me to saying that I will be continuing to write. Change will also be coming on this front as well, but not for another month or two. What swayed my decision was really looking back at all that I’ve written and thoroughly enjoying the posts. I of course don’t share everything that happens in my personal life but it is fun to look back at certain events and photographs.

Phew! That was a long post! If you made it this far, thanks for sticking it out! If you’ve followed me over the past 12 months and finished this post, thank you with all my heart! I can promise you, the best has yet to come!

Have any short or long term goals for the new calendar year? Willing to share?


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… for the Saratoga Palio Half- Marathon! Mark your calendars for September 15, 2013!

photo (4)

I’m excited for this race for many reasons:

  1. I haven’t ran a half in years and my sister has never ran one; she’ll be joining in on the fun and racing as well!
  2. This will be my longest race distance since last year’s marathon attempt.
  3. I have ran hundreds of miles throughout this city (during my college years) but have never raced this race.
  4. It’s local (I grew up just five miles outside of the city) so our family and friends won’t have to travel to see us whiz by!

I know and have ran each and every mile of this race in previous years, while learning how to run, training for previous races and passing the time with my good friend Marla. I haven’t ran up there in years and I hope to change that over the course of the next nine weeks. It’s only thirty minutes away and if I’m doing my longer runs on Saturdays, I should be able to get up there and beat the traffic in the early mornings. I’m excited to possibly run again with Marla and have her push me harder to make me more confident for race day. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to help me cross the finish line; warning Instagram followers: I will be posting a lot of exercise posts from here on out.

A couple of people have already asked me if I have a goal and my simple answer is yes- I’d like to finish. Furthermore, I’d love to not come in last place. Yes, I came in dead last at my last half-marathon. Short story time: many years ago when I first decided to start running, during a seven mile long run, my good friend Marla suggested that I run the next week’s half marathon. Let me set the scene for you: it was the last week of December and I had never, ever ran a race before (not even a 5k). I had also never ran more than seven miles.

I don’t know what it is about Marla but she is motivational. I put my doubts aside, showed up race day (New Year’s Day) and finished the half marathon. I got discouraged. I walked some. I froze a little. But I crossed that finish line, last but not least. Two hours, twenty seven minutes and fifteen seconds- five minutes slower than a 76 year old. I can still remember getting passed by that woman; you better believe I didn’t let myself walk after that point. It was nine degrees with a fifteen mile per hour wind. Today, I prefer the cold over the heat, I think because of that race oddly enough.

A lot has changed since that chilly New Year’s Day back in 2009 and my goal is to beat that 11:15 pace time. As of today, I am on track and will work my little butt off to improve. I have a dream time that I will not be sharing with anyone because I don’t want bigger insecurities to rise- but I can tell you this, I know that I am capable of reaching that dream if I just don’t talk myself out of it (and run with all I’ve got).

I’m not following any specific training plan because I’ve found myself in a routine and am looking to gain confidence in the miles I’m running. I run four days a week before work and sometimes before the sun rises, to beat the heat. I’ll be slowly upping my mileage and even plan on running further than 13.1 miles prior to race day so that I know for a fact that I can bust out those miles. I’m planning on hiking as many peaks as possible this summer to cross train and I may start up p90x. I know, I know, I’ve said that before; the only thing holding me back is the fact that I’ll need to find an hour each day for an extra workout. We shall see.

Have you registered for any races this summer or fall? Have you ever trained for a race AND completed p90x?

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