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Here are three small changes that I’ve decided to make/have already begun to implement and love. ‘Tis the season for setting new goals and health(ier) habits!

  1. Duolingo Did you know that this app was named app of the year? Either did I until the beau brought it to my attention. I only use a handful of apps each day and now Duolingo is part of the mix. Bet you didn’t expect me to recommend an app for a new goal, did you? Well, I’m obsessed. See, this app will teach you a new language. It’s fun, easy and best of all, free. I spoke Spanish in high school and decided to try learning French this time around. Verdict: hooked. Each morning I get up and before I can check any other app, I sit in the living room and complete two French lessons. The first lesson is a repeat of the previous day’s and then I move on to the next new one. You don’t have to repeat lessons, it’s just easier for me to retain information that way. These two lessons take less than ten minutes a day and honestly, I could keep going. You speak the language, translate, and write it. Check the app out and let me know if you decided to give it a try.
  2. Planning our weekly dinners. The beau and I are very good at throwing a meal together last minute but sometimes these meals take longer than we’d prefer. Combine that with getting home after seven or eight o’clock at night and I come down with a case of being hangry. Solution: meal and/or prepare our meals ahead of time. This concept of planning meals is new to me and I love it because it let’s the inner organizer in me out! I use what we already have on hand and take into account what will be delivered via Field Goods on Thursday. I’ve been physically writing down the meals in my planner and making a list of what needs to be purchased per each meal (if anything) and what evening I plan on serving them. It’s been making dinner a breeze! And even if dinner will take 45 minutes to cook when we arrive home late, we’ve both had something to look forward to and know what to do when we walk in the door. Another perk: we’ve been trying new recipes. This upcoming holiday week will have us thrown off a little but I’m going to try and work in meals that the beau loves to cook (i.e. his homemade sauce).
  3. Since the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, I haven’t ran a single mile. I haven’t set a new goal and now because of scheduling, I won’t have access to my regular treadmill situation until mid-January. (p.s… I woke up this morning at seven a.m. and it was still dark out! THAT is what is causing this funk!) So, because I’ve used the excuses of it being too cold, too dark, or too lonely outside in the morning, I’ve decided to give at-home workouts a try. Confession: I don’t like at-home workouts. I find that it’s hard to stay motivated and give it your 100% when there isn’t a room full of people to hold you accountable. I also feel funny about jumping around and potentially disturbing the downstairs neighbor. But I’m going to throw those excuses out the third floor window and give T25 a try. Don’t know what T25 is? Google it. I’ve had this program for a while now and have worked out to the cardio disk a couple of times and it is intense. The program is typically 10 weeks long, however, I’m going to aim for 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, right? Follow along on Instagram (my only form of photographs these days) and I’ll post a photograph after each day to hold myself accountable to you all.

Have you started making any changes this holiday season? Thought about getting a head start before the new calendar year?


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I did absolutely nothing yesterday other than eat and cook and then eat some more, and I could really used to doing that each Sunday. I loved having the entire afternoon to prepare meals for the week, something I did a lot in the past when living alone. I woke up this morning knowing exactly what to pack for lunch and had a sense of “bring on the day!” attitude, which is rare lately. Working two jobs is tough, it always is, but coming home after seven each night and preparing a fresh meal is even more tough. We love to cook together but when in a rush to eat and both feeling a little h-angry, things get messy.

So, with my new-found time, I’m going to plan our dinners for our week on Sundays and prepare as much as possible to make dinner time a little more pleasant, and a little less scrambled.

Monday: Date night with the beau at The Palace Theater. We love getting take-out from our favorite Albany restaurant, Kinnaree. The Tom Yum soup is so spicy and delicious, and the vegan Pad Thai hits the spot. His go to choices are the Drunken Noodles and fried Spring Rolls.

Tuesday: Homemade FG carrot soup with a tahini sauce and crunchy chickpeas. I’ll only have to bake the chickpeas while the soup is reheating on the stove.

Wednesday: Homemade Chinese take-out! We have FG broccoli on hand and it takes the beau only but five minutes to make the most delicious garlic sauce. Basmati rice only takes about twenty minutes to cook up- add in some tofu to the mix and we’ve got a meal!

Thursday: Halloween! I picked up some chipotle pumpkin pappardelle from Flour City Pasta at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. The recipe that came in the bag includes tossing it in butter, lemon juice and parmesan cheese; I have all the vegan alternatives on hand. While that’s boiling, I’ll toss some brussels sprouts, also from the Farmer’s Market, in some EVOO and lemon juice into the oven to serve on the side. Hopefully we’ll have our pumpkins carved by then, and we’ll be able to toss in a handful of baked pumpkin seeds for some crunch.

Friday: Sauteed FG braising mix with farro. Can’t prep this meal really, but it’s quick and I won’t be at a loss for what to make.

Are you one to plan your meals? Do you shop all at once or receive a CSA delivery like we do? 

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