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… attended my first cookie swap. And have successfully eaten more cookies in the past two days than I have over the past two years.

… played my first game of Cards Against Humanity. It was vulgar and I liked it.

… successfully dodged the bullet of having to dig my car out of twelve inches of snow. Apparently the garage down the street is free nights and weekends soooooo into the garage it went.

… made the most epic “cheesy” broccoli soup.

… cooked a “meaty” chili in the Crockpot, baked up a bunch of veggies with wild rice for lunches this week, devoured a hearty dish of homemade mushroom stroganoff, annnnnd finished a pan of buffalo chickpea dip with a spoon. Hey, we ran out of chips/pretzels/chex mix.

… watched the entire 15th season of The Biggest Loser. Can I just say these two things? Number one: where did the nutrition aspect of the show disappear to? It’s now just sponsor after sponsor of processed, unhealthy junk. Number two: the season finale is Tuesday and there are like ten people left- how is this going to happen in an hour?! And when by the way did it switch to 43 minutes? They spend so much time on the scale, I wish it was spent in the kitchen instead. End rant.

… also had the pleasure of watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles with the beau. I didn’t love it very much because it was a Thanksgiving film and I’m in the Christmas kind of mood. Sooooo the beau will now have to sit through Prancer; a favorite of mine.

… drank out of my new Santa mugs that my sister gave me. She’s the best. And speaking of her, she ran a half-marathon on Saturday (yes, in the snow and freezing cold) and PR’d by six minutes! Holy smokes! The crazy must be in our blood.

… got the sh*t scared out of me Saturday night. Story time: this is our first winter in the new apartment. Apparently we have a guy that shovels for us. Apparently he shovels your porch off at 1:30am (p.s… I’m on the third floor). Imagine waking up to the sound of someone on your back porch (that’s off your bedroom btw) that late. Thankfully it was pretty bright out because of the snowfall so I could easily figure it out fast enough and watch him climb back down the fire escape.


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