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I’ve been a little MIA this week for a couple of reasons. First, we don’t have the Internet at the apartment anymore (for now). Story of our lives, right? This may be a dumb question, but who do you get your service through? The beau and I might bite the bullet and finally pay for it ourselves but we REFUSE to use Time Warner. Is there any one else out there that doesn’t require a land line? Secondly, I’ve had a different kind of writer’s block happening: I feel like I have so much to share/start but I miss sharing photographs. Poo. Positive to that plop: I’m finally working on changing this little space on the internet. New host. New address. New look. And possibly a new name. Can you handle it?!

To jam in as much information into one post, I’ll make short and sweet.

  1. I haven’t been sharing any running streak photographs on Instagram because, well, it’s been a boring week. I’ve ran every day on lunch, on the treadmill. 9.8 miles ran total with 9 more scheduled for this weekend. Slowest mile: 9:37. Fastest mile: 8:37. Can you handle THAT?! Now to learn to hold it for miles on end!
  2. I’ve officially found the best french fries in Troy, NY! They are found at Broadway Cafe (on Broadway); they are crispy, they are fresh and they are delicious! Can you tell I had them for lunch this afternoon?
  3. I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I’ve been wanting to learn for quite some time now and am excited to learn the basics. My plan is to have my own line of sewn items at the store (napkins, tea towels, pillows, etc). Tutorials may be on the horizon as I learn!
  4. Speaking of learning, I’m on the fourth level of French in Duolingo! And it’s the level I’ve been looking forward to: FOOD! There are seven lessons in this level and I’m on lesson two; I’m still having a little bit of trouble with the word: to eat. My Spanish background comes out a lot and confuses me, but I’ll get it. Practice practice practice! Oh, and I like the phrase “Merci, beaucoup!” It’s got the word beau in it. And egg (oeuf)… it sounds like woof! when pronounced.  Makes me giggle each morning in bed when I practice.
  5. Today I picked out my birthday dinner: tempeh meatball subs! I have no idea where that craving came from but I’m looking forward to a good homemade sauce and Italian salad. I suggested a shortcake for dessert but am not concerned because I could skip the sweets. Excited that my parents will be joining in on the big birthday celebration with the beau’s entire family.

Lastly, I’d like to mention Kitty kitty cocoa puff. He’s sick and we are heading to the vet. tomorrow morning for blood work. He’s lost a lot of weight over the last two weeks and hasn’t been himself. Please send him some positive vibes if you remember. And because I’m prepared for bills totaling over $500 this month, I will unfortunately not be running a race in January. No worries! I am definitely running the Polar Cap 4-Miler on February 1st. I plan on doubling up one month to make up for a missed race. Hope you all have a happy, healthy and warmer weekend! Give those you love an extra squeeze. But not too tightly.


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change in jar

Most of my friends know that anything shiny distracts me; any time, any place. Now with the potential of that something shiny being money, you better believe I’m going to stop for a closer look.

Yesterday during my lonely seven miles throughout the city of Troy, just as the sun was rising, I noticed a penny on Second Street. This was just around mile 2 and I didn’t stop. But from that point forward, all I could think was, “what if it was head’s up?” So, I planned a route back to that spot and found the penny around mile four. And it was head’s up. I carried that penny in my right hand until I walked through the door, greeted by kitty.

From this day forward, each time I find change during my run, I’ll put it into a jar. And when the time comes for me to roll the change, I’ll spend the dollar bills at lululemon; my favorite running apparel shop.

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photo (2)



Reading: I’m about halfway finished with Following Atticus: Forty-Eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship by Tom Ryan and I love it. I actually started reading it back on July 4th on the train down to NYC, but because I had three other books out at the time, this one took the backseat. I’ve only hiked one mountain in New Hampshire but can relate to many of the stories because of my personal journey to become a 46er. A close friend of mine just moved closer to NH and I have high hopes of visiting her and heading out for some long hikes. Most likely not this summer but hopefully this autumn.

Watching: Now that we have the Internet, we are starting to catch up on all of our shows. Don’t cringe when I tell you this but… we are officially caught up on The Bachelorette AND got to watch the finale live at Phil’s house. Thank you Phil! Surround sound and homemade kettle corn, I’ve got the best friends in town. I’m not going to discuss the outcome because I know that a few of you out there haven’t seen it and I don’t want to spoil it. Let’s just say, it was NOT I was expecting/had hoped for. Let’s see… Breaking Bad and Mad Men both have a new season up on Netflix, I’m dying to see the last season of Sons of Anarchy and I have to check if there’s any random Modern Family episodes out there that I haven’t seen.

Loving: The last week of cooler weather was absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately for me, I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder and missed out on all those morning runs. Today was my first day back out there in a week and despite the soreness and slight pain, it felt great to be in motion once again. I was starting to feel anxiety because I couldn’t run; it really is my time to work things out in my head. I’m looking forward to attempting a super long run this Saturday and feel super accomplished once I get home to shower before working the market. I’m also loving the following: whoopie pies, a freshly swept and mopped apartment, buffalo chickpea dip for dinner, MGMT radio on Pandora and kitty kitty cocoa puff when he’s trying to apologize for shitting on the curtains. Yes, that happened this week. Twice.

Wondering: If I can paint our kitchen? Our landlord has already approved us painting the bedroom and living room walls white, but I’d love to have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Oh! And have you checked out Vegan Cuts lately? You may see some familiar faces and deals featured on their website.

Looking forward to: Next weekend when I head to Massachusetts to visit Lindsey! I haven’t been out to visit her since my 25th birthday and she recently moved- I can’t wait to check out her new digs! She’s going to run my long run with me (ten miles) which I’m psyched about because each week I set out to do them alone. It gets lonely out there sometimes and the change of scenery will hopefully make the miles fly by. I can’t wait to have her all to myself and catch up like the good ol’ days.

Thinking about: A family that I know that was impacted greatly by a fire earlier this week. As you may have heard, Augie’s Family Style Italian Restaurant burnt to the ground on Monday. As you may not have known, the owners- the Vitiello family- were the people that I worked for for six years, taking care of their four kiddos. I have many great memories in their restaurant and personally know many of the awesome staff members. Augie has set up a fundraiser for his staff, so that he can continue to pay/support them during the rebuilding process. If you have any extra cash and would like to donate, visit the webpage here. He’s offering different valued coupons should you choose to donate at those levels ($25, $100, $250). It says a lot when the community has already donated more than $10k in just four days; thank you ahead of time if you choose to support, even if it is just ten bucks.

Eating: The beau and I were on an Indian kick but that all changed when I got a hankering for buffalo chicken dip. His solution: buffalo chickpea dip! So, so good! Besides a couple random dinners, we had stir-fry, summer salads, plenty of green shakes and even some apples dipped in cookie butter. I know I’m saying this a little prematurely, but I seriously cannot wait until autumn! It’s my favorite season and I can’t wait to go apple picking because these leftovers from last year are tart! I can wait and will enjoy every summer vegetable as much as I possible can.

Planning: my workouts for the next month to ensure myself that I’ll be prepared for next month’s race. It’s been over a year since I’ve last raced and I don’t want to get anxious and feel unprepared. I’m still setting a pretty high goal for myself and with having to skip two long runs so far this month, the goal right now seems out of reach. I’ve got some hard work ahead of me but I’m willing to give it a shot!

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“It had led me to link what I ate to how I ran, to link what anyone ate to how they lived.”

That quote was one of the many that stood out to me while reading Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run. Over the past six months, I have felt healthier and lighter than ever. And I should clarify, by lighter I mean not as heavy or stuffed after meals, not referring to weight loss. My skin is super clear, my nails and hair are growing with super speed and my running has improved dramatically. I’ve mentioned before, but my speed is much quicker to what it was this time last year and my recovery time is faster than it has ever been. This is true for my hiking as well.

I’ve noticed that because I am eating more greens, my lifestyle is now a little greener. I am wasting less, reusing more, and purchasing healthier products for my home, wardrobe and body care. I am now more conscious of my food and impact on the environment all because of this one switch in lifestyle.

During chapter six of his book, Jurek shares his belief of spirulina and the health benefits that it has on athletes. I too had researched this complete protein and have begun recently reaping the benefits of algae.

After hours of searching the internet for a vegan energy supplement, I found ENERGYbits. Basically I wanted a natural version of an energy gel and settled on these small tablets, or bits. The company sent me a trial size to try while hiking and I’m now hooked. One weekend trip into the mountains and I came out a believer.



All you have to do is take 20-30 bits about a half hour prior to exercising and your done. They are tiny little “tabs” that you gulp down with water or chew (but they definitely have an acquired taste). I only took 20 each day because I was a little nervous about the impact but I was fine. No jittery feelings, no crash hours later. I just felt less hungry longer and stronger physically. And let me remind you, this was the trip that I was carrying a full pack! Paula at one point noted the “beast mode,” as we call it on the trail.

Since being home, I’ve tried spirulina in the powder form, like Jurek, but prefer it in pill form. His recipe featured on page 52, “Green Power Pre-Workout Drink,” was the first recipe I tried- and not going to lie, hated it! It was the spirulina strong and clear. Since that day, I’ve only added one teaspoon to my morning smoothies (instead of two) and have loved them.

But smoothies aren’t my personal choice of a pre-workout fuel. Because of this, I will be switching back to ENERGYbits. I will also be using them during my long runs once I get up and over six miles comfortably. Here’s a look at the nutritional information:

Energybits Nutritional Facts Charts (Medium)

I am in the process of becoming an ambassador for this company because I believe in it so much. In the meantime, I’ve ordered the product at my own cost and will continue to use it and provide feedback to the company. Once accepted, I’ll be able to offer all my readers a discount and hold giveaways!

Don’t be shocked if you check them out and see the cost of one bag ($115). Let me break down the math: each bag contains 1,000 tabs. I took 20 tabs and felt strong, so that’s 50 servings. And to break it down further, that’s $2.30 per serving. Now think about all the energy drinks, bars, and shots that you buy for running long distances; they are all about the same cost. There is only one ingredient on this label however, algae!

If you check out this product and have any questions for me, ask away! If I don’t know the answer, I will reach out to my contact at ENERGYbits directly. I love learning about new, healthier replacements to my old habits and love sharing this information with my readers.

Care to share what you use as a fuel while running?

*I was given a free sample from ENERGYbits but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the few sponsored posts on this blog and my journey of becoming a healthier athlete.*

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