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In celebration of the seven hundred and thirty days that the beau and I have known each other, I got a little special something made locally for our wall of art. We both agreed on no gifts but I still wanted to make this a surprise. It was a last minute idea and Petra over at Anchor No. 5 Boutique made it happen.

photo (42)

photo (43)

A Scorpio constellation hoop! I love the idea of having mix media hanging up on the walls and this little installation looks perfect up with our favorites that we’ve both collected. Does that YOU + ME print look familiar?

These little hoops would make the cutest little gift for any birthday, nursery or as a holiday decoration. Aren’t any good at embroidering or in a hurry like myself? Hit up Petra or better yet sign up for one of her upcoming embroidery classes. So cute!

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The beau and I have finally purchased a couch and I think its safe to say we are both pretty psyched.

I’ve lived on my own for years now and never committed to a couch because frankly, I’m never home. Because I don’t have a television or even the internet, I’ve never had a need to sit and watch something. But now that I’m living with the beau and feeling settled, I’m wanting to be in the apartment and invite others over. A few years ago I held a little holiday party for my friends who traveled with me throughout China and it was a joke; we were all on the floor. I’ve never even had my parents over for a meal because we’ve never had a place to sit and enjoy.

We browsed, saved all of my tips and our daily change, and bought local on Monday. The couch was even made in the U.S.A. Can’t get any better than that. Actually it can: the cat hair blends right in. We’re convinced he thinks we bought this couch for him.

Cheers to the perks of being an adult!

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